Personal Branding Training

Are Any Of The Following True About Your Business & Your Life?

  • You’re envious of every high-paid “guru” in your industry  – whose advice always sells like hot cakes
  • You’re desperate to be recognised as the expert you really are rather than instantly written off as a “nobody”
  • You’re struggling to attract and build an army of loyal, hungry customers
  • You’re angry, confused and frustrated and want to make more progress much quicker
  • You know what you’re capable of but don’t have a clear plan of how to achieve success

Then the good news is you’re in the right place – because I have a system that enables you to finally claim the business and life you desire.

How can I be so certain? Well my name is Colette Mason and want to show you what my strategy can do.

Allow Me To Introduce You To A Couple Of The People Who Have
ALREADY Enjoyed Success With This System

A Whopping 12,000%  Return On Investment For Jane Akshar

Travel business owner and Egyptologist, Jane Akshar, decided to launch her own books and courses about the historic sites of Ancient Egypt, based on her lifelong passion about Egyptology. An interest that definitely revved up a gear when she fulfilled her lifelong dream of living in Luxor.  In just 3 short months, with her first 2  simple e-books and a no-frills online video course,  she has pulled in over $2000 in digital sales . Her online sales are still going strong, generating regular profits – extra passive income Jane had previously been missed out on.

Expert Author Status and Sell-Out Workshops for Ian Gibbins

Ian Gibbins, a professional Northamptonshire firefighter, decided to harness his helpful nature in a brand new way and launch a social media marketing and training consultancy for local businesses. Despite being a highly competitive, growing market, Ian’s new business has been going from strength to strength, with new  clients regularly seeking him out having seen him in the press or at speaking at events all over the UK.

Ian has consolidated his success in 2011 and now runs  his own sold-out paid social media workshops, with a full training schedule planned for 2012

Your future all starts with a decision…

Let’s just rewind the clock to 3 short years ago….

I like you, struggled for far too long trying to crack the code of setting up a successful lucrative lifestyle business.

Picture this story.

Colette Mason, Personal Branding Coach and EntrepreneurOn the face of it, things looked rosy. My existing freelance business was going like gangbusters. I was in high demand working on multi-million pound projects. Sadly adapting that offline business model to become an online consultancy selling professional products and services proved a long and painful struggle. No one cared one jot who I was. Only people who had met me face to face ever seemed to want to invest in my expertise.

At that time, I was desperate for a way out.

I wasn’t asking for a lot, just to a simple system to follow that worked for professional people who wanted something more out of life than trudging along all the time from one weekend to the next. I needed a way to stop being written off online as a  “nobody” and become a well-respected somebody instead. I wanted to be the the go-to expert people really trust.

Everyone Deserves Proven “No BS” Answers

I spent countless hours “Googling for answers” – yet found none. What I did find was plenty of irrelevant information that wasn’t going to serve me or my business well. I was  slowly gathering and analyzing hundreds of puzzle pieces from different jigsaws and hoping, somehow, I could assemble them into something that looked great.

And of course, it didn’t work out like that at all .

  • The free “advice” and the “make money from the internet strategies” I found online felt decidedly low value, spammy and depressingly amateur – more suited to a dabbling hobbyist than a high-achieving professional. It would have killed my reputation doing a lot of that stuff, for sure. There seemed to be a whole community of people peddling their relentless  “BUY MY STUFF” message  which, quite frankly, drove me nuts
  • The paid advice I invested in from “online gurus” didn’t help much either – on the whole, they didn’t come from a corporate background and wanted to show me how to earn commissions selling other people’s stuff  rather than turn my own valuable business  knowledge and experience into a saleable asset
  • When I approached traditional marketing companies for answers, they had a “big business mentality ” not a “lifestyle business” mindset. Their strategies sounded very much like swapping a job for a job. Those ideas jarred with me, and regrettably, that wasn’t going to be the answer either.

It felt like no one spoke my language. No one had the same high professional standards, goals and aims. Most definitely no one understood what I needed to do to make my metamorphosis from worker drone to queen bee.

I’m wondering aloud here but perhaps you feel your  current situation echoes what happened to me back then?

And that’s when I made my decision. It was time for me to TRULY raise my game.

I don’t want to seem like some sort of crazed ego-manic but after all the dead ends and disappointments month after month, I must confess, it was great when the success train finally rolled into town.

Want To Tuck Into A Slice Of These Achievements

It’s not just Jane an Ian who have had success – It’s time to confess that I get great results too.  Results that were so radically different from the doldrums I was in before, that I kept pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Here’s what’s  happened just  in the first six months of applying it.

  • I got paid for selling my knowledge online and at workshops
    • Running just one of my paid workshops brought  in a massive £832 for 2 hours work
    • Book sales on Amazon generate an army of worldwide customers who invest in my “done for you” services
  • Instant expert status from tons of  press coverage worldwide
    • 4 times in printed Australian business magazines – the other side of the world to where I live!
    • 24 features in the UK press
    • 2 articles printed the US
    • 1 article in a trade magazine in far flung New Zealand – for good measure
    • …and it continues to bring heaps of free traffic to my website!
  • Jet-setting to paid international workshops and speaking events
    • A one day workshop in Egypt in the Middle East about promoting travel businesses online. (I had to translate my welcome slides into Arabic!)
    • A workshop with CERN, the well-respected science establishment in Geneva, Switzerland about using social media to forge relationships with job seekers. (You should have seen me when I learned Tom Hanks and Bill Gates have also spoken at CERN too! I was amazed)
    • Working on a five-figure order with a company in Australia looking to boost their global exports by harnessing the power of the world wide web (and I popped into the World Internet Summit in Sydney!)
  • Wowing audiences at national  events
    • 14 groups of people booked me to share my knowledge with them throughout the UK – (including a talk at Cambridge University)
    • An invitation arrived to be a guest webinar speaker for National Freelancers Day (Along with Dan Pink, a New York Times best selling author)
  • Publishing my first book
    • I used my new found focus, belief and motivation to publish a printed book sharing my social media strategies I’d been working on since 2007 (Which has been selling worldwide in print and as a Kindle book)
  • Growing a large, interactive social media following
    • 3000+ people on Facebook, 4000+ people on Twitter and almost 500 people on LinkedIn want to connect with me and follow the tips I share  and the professional things I am doing (and the stupid stuff I share about my life from time to time like what I’m working towards in the geeky computer game, Warcraft)
  • Invitations to be a guest blogger
    • Many respected websites, including the world-famous Huffington Post want an insight into my techniques and invited me to be one of their guest bloggers. I am in the company of politicians, celebrities, academics and policy experts—who contribute on a wide range of topics.

You mustn’t think of these results as gloating – it’s just showing you what’s possible with this system.

The life I live today is a million miles away from how I lived back then. When I think of how much I suffered and struggled – unnecessarily – it has made me extremely passionate about sharing all I’ve learned about being recognized as an expert online, running a successful business .  I’ve recently been clearing out some old files and notebooks and my life back then is unrecognisable from the life I lead today.

My question is….isn’t it time you stepped up?

Now It Wasn’t All Plain Sailing

It became clear to me at that time, if  I was  going to make any progress and be recognised as the go-to person in my industry, I had to come come up with my own brand new solution.  And that’s precisely what I did.  I had exhausted all the “traditional avenues” – it was time to carve out my own.

I had to face up to some difficult truths – and make some difficult decisions. In the process, a lot things in my old life fell away – relationships, people, old habits and beliefs. I hated the way things were going on back then. I only had one option and that was to make some bold and dramatic changes.

Today, looking back, I am in a totally different place. It’s like EVERY aspect of my life has gone through a major upgrade: professional, personal, financial, physical, mental and emotional.

 Isn’t it time you finally put an end to sleepless nights wondering why your income and enjoyment has flat-lined – or worse still – declined?

Be honest. You are going to enjoy the making potential that comes with demonstrating you are a true expert and most definitely worth every penny for the results you get!

How about revelling in more personal freedom as you wave goodbye to year after year of  back-to-back low-paid projects for cheapskate clients who take your efforts and goodwill for granted.

Are You Ready To Decide Too

I think it’s time for a reality check. Ready?

Ask yourself: How good will it feel to be in this situation

  • YOU own a profitable business completely based on your unique strengths. The things you really excel at and enjoy doing – that customers love buying from a knowledgeable, enthusiastic person like you.
  • YOU have the vision, focus and confidence to put together hassle-free profitable products and services you can sell to clients again and again and again.
  • YOU have customers are desperate to benefit from YOUR expert knowledge and status
  • YOU  celebrate all your professional successes you achieve throughout your career and confidently explain why you are the obvious choice to all your prospects and customers.
  • YOU charge high prices because you have new ways sophisticated ways to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and can effortlessly prove your true value
  • YOU use your character, ethics, values and personality to work with clients you build strong rapport with, and become comfortable in your own skin
Take A Sneak Peek At The Course

My Quick Profits Action Plan

Because you’ve read this far, I know that this is opportunity is resonating with you. That’s why I want to invite YOU to join me as I show you how to step into the limelight and take your business to the next level and learn my stress-busting and  income-boosting strategies.

You see my system is specifically designed to ensure you rapidly transform yourself into a highly accomplished expert in the minds of your target audience. Just like it did for me, Jane and Ian, and many more.

Wondering what’s in it for you?

Well, when you have expert status in your marketplace it means more money, more status, lots more fun and lots more freedom!  What’s more together we’ll build a real longterm business asset. My system means implementing things, not drowning in yet more information!

How does this sound?

  • Dramatically increase your prices and send your income through the roof ; put an end to all that trickle of  low-paid bargain basement work
  • Turbo-charge your sales as your expert status boosts your conversion rate for you leads and enquiries
  • Generate an growing army of loyal followers perfect to be turned into an endless stream of paying customers

I want you to hit the ground running, so I’ve made this system really flexible to follow. Whether you like to learn by listening to audio books on the move, reading things in detail, highlighter pen in hand, or you’re one of those people who like to ditch the instructions as soon as possible and just get on with it ASAP, it’s not a problem.

This system is able to adapt to YOUR way of doing things and still it guarantees you don’t miss out anything important. How good is that?

All the course materials are instantly accessible online  right now, via my exclusive members-only website. I’ve got everything ready for you to hop onboard and start your success story TODAY!

Here’s a Sneak Peek At The Members Area and the System

Everything you need to succeed is broken down into simple, easy to follow steps
How It Works

The great news is there are just 10 clear and concise steps to my proven success system, divided up into very specific, quick to answer, laser targeted  questions that unlock the keys to your brand new, brighter future, effortlessly.

Here’s just a few highlights you can take advantages of right now…!

  • Chapter 1
    Master how to identify highly-marketable and profit-pulling business options from your professional skills and your unique experience, making sure you chose the the things you love doing most
  • Chapter 2
    Rapidly raise your prices simply by answering 9 short questions that help you clearly and quickly  showcase your lifelong credibility, achievements and expertise to paying customers
  • Chapter 3
    Learn how to accurately measure the 3 key characteristics of your target audience you need to know so you can make compelling offers that boost your conversions time and time again
  • Chapter 4
    Discover 5 ways to determine the specific needs and expectations of your target audience and identify how they desperately need your help
  • Chapter 5
    Understand 6 ways to demonstrate you are clearly different –  and superior – to your competitors and become the obvious choice for customers – even in a competitive marketplace
  • Chapter 6
    Follow 12 simple steps to ensure you maximize your true high-quality key strengths so customers instinctively want to pay top-dollar for you- on autopilot
  • Chapter 7
    Use 6 foolproof secrets to demonstrate your professional integrity and ability, leaving your customers in no doubt you are the person to solve their problems quickly and easily
  • Chapter 8
    Harness the power of 9 killer tactics for ensuring your personality, professionalism, passion and character is a genuine differentiator and a selling point that customers love – and wave goodbye to trudging through unfulfilling projects with people you don’t gel with
  • Chapter 9
    Take all the risk out of launching your new strategy with a thorough checklist to ensure your new business strategy perfectly describes you and the exceptional value you offer – protect your professional reputation by being reassuringly expensive
  • Chapter 10
    Define 6 simple snappy statements you must use to convince customers they would be crazy not to invest in your specialist advice – whether you meet them online or offline!
Use this system anytime, any place, anywhere

You can easily progress with this system in and around your current lifestyle. Thanks to the cleverly designed format, you can use this system how you want to where you want to. Everything you need is instantly accessible online, on an exclusive members only website you can access anywhere. What’s more you’re not tied to your computer, you can print it out and enjoy absorbing these exciting new ideas out in the sunshine,  perhaps relaxing in a cafe, by the beach, taking a long, leisurely bath – literally anywhere that suits you!

  • The course is 100% smartphone compatible – you can listen, watch and learn whenever you have a few spare minutes each day. You don’t have to set specific times aside during your hectic schedule. This hassle-free system  fits in and around your lifestyle
  • You can print the system out, so you can use a pen and paper to complete the steps if you’re not a big fan of technology

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I am totally committed to you securing your place as an expert in your market place – so much so I want to personally review your Brand Strategy with you, and give you invaluable advice and constructive feedback. This is a special offer which I will only make available until the end of March 2012. Simply click on the instant access button below to take advantage of this time-limited offer.

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Still not sure if this course is right for you? Read on

Why are you happy to let customers put their money in the pockets of  other “gurus” who take the lion’s share of your profits

Why are you hesitating to be recognised as the accomplished expert you know truly are. Other people working on their credibility in your market place are literally stealing money out of your pocket!

I firmly believe you deserve to have a loyal tribe of eager followers just like other “experts”. Can you honestly say your competitors are significantly better than a genuine, experienced high-calibre performer you and should be stealing all your opportunities for a more rewarding professional and personal life? I’m answering no to that!

Now is the time for
  • YOU to get off the sidelines and become one of high-fee gurus in your industry
  • You to be recognised as a mover and shaker by your peers and forge powerful alliances with other high-profile business people to springboard your success quickly and easily
  • You to outmanoeuvre your competitors and ensure your professional advice sells like hot cakes rather than just theirs
  • You to smash right through that glass ceiling that has been limiting your potential and use your personal brand as the true route to successes.
Don’t you think you deserve to put an end to feeling frustrated with your lack of progress and meagre income and try a fresh approach

Have you dreamed of publishing your own book, running profitable workshops, or public speaking to share your unique take on your specialist subject?

When you have an effective personal brand, that dream becomes a REALITY!

Why waste your time and delay boosting your earning potential trying to work out how to improve customer perceptions of your unique abilities? Isn’t it time to put all that pent up professional disappointment behind you?

  • Start competing on value not price
  • Start being a “somebody” not a “nobody”
  • Make rapid progress and banish those destructive feelings and anger, failure, confusion, frustration and hopelessness.
  • Take advantage of opportunities that come your way rather than watching them pass you buy.
  • Sidestep the annoyance of constantly being written off as being pointless, mediocre,  dull and  average. Be a recognised expert instead
  • Banish the  the anxiety of being seen as amateurish and average and enjoy being the high-achieving professional person customers think of as invaluable part of their own success.
  • Leap out of your professional rut with new enthusiasm, vim and vigour and secure new profitable opportunities in the national and international marketplace that you know you deserve.

Promise me you won’t…

  • fall into the trap of Googling for low quality, free advice that advocates questionable marketing techniques that are unlikely to work, only explain half the process, undermine your credibility and don’t meet your exacting standards – dodgy “get rich quick strategies” more suited to the keen amateur or hobbyist rather than  an experienced professional like you
  • waste money picking up marketing strategies from old school marketing professionals who don’t understand what’s involved launching a successful lifestyle business in the information age
It’s Never Been Quicker And Easier To Succeed

With this system, asserting your place as a well-paid expert in your industry becomes a dead-cert. You can easily avoid a lot of hassle, delays and frustration too.

  • Avoid heading off down a blind alley and follow a proven process that works
  • Stop wasting time guessing what you need to do to be seen as an expert – all you have to do is spend a few moments answering each of the questions
  • Relax. Every step of the way is  clearly and fully explained can so you progress rapidly with confidence. There’s no downtime having to research what you’re supposed to do next.
  • Whether you like to learn by doing, watching, reading or listening, the system is flexible enough to adapt to your way of working yet ensures you don’t miss out anything important
  • All the steps take a few minutes each to understand and follow. There’s no steep learning curve and need to become a hermit and locking yourself away for days.
  • Why reinvent the wheel and continue to muddle through looking for (questionable and incomplete free) information online when you’ve already found a system that works – that you can access right now
  • Have a source of inspiration to help you tell your story and bring forward your success
  • Make  rapid progress in your marketplace
  • Get the true success you know you are capable of
  • Have the confidence to follow tried and tested easy to follow process
  • Discover how to appeal to hungry customers who want to work with someone just like you
  • Open up a flood of new well-paid opportunities
  • Feel great about your skills and motivated to take them to a new level
  • Be supremely focused on the direction you plan to take
  • Securing long term interest from people who can help you progress even further. People like journalists, business partners, investors and more 
  • this proven system specifically designed to boost my credibility and profitability in my marketplace quickly and easily.
  • high quality effective bite size training videos, tools and templates I need to quickly create my own effective personal brand to successfully market my professional expertise to my target audience – even if I’ve never done it before and I suck at marketing!
Imagine The Peace Of Mind That Accompanies The Confidence And Clarity To Take Your Business To The Next Level

I’m sure if you’ve read this far, you’re seriously considering how different your life will be once you take control of your personal brand.

How much better is it going to be than struggling to get known on your own, wasting time and effort getting nowhere – and worse still, harming your professional reputation by significantly underselling you and your potential. After all, I am sure you agree, that’s not why you put so much time and effort into gathering all that fabulous professional know-how you have at your fingertips to help people. You must be gutted to have that expertise go unnoticed by your prospects and customers.

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I appreciate you are a consummate, high-calibre professional with many years experience who has achieved brilliant results for your delighted clients and I guarantee that you will easily benefit from this system. 

I am so utterly convinced you will enjoy following my Personal Branding for Professionals process and really turbocharge your potential that, I am absolutely prepared to offer you a full money-back guarantee, valid for 60 days, if you decide this course isn’t for you.

Personal Branding Course Pay Pal VerifiedYou won’t need to explain anything or justify your decision in any way, just simply  email me to let me know you’ve changed your mind, and I’ll return your money in full immediately – with no questions asked! I really, really want you want to shine in 2012 and take action to turbocharge your professional future, so I’ve ensured all the risk is on me, and not you – you’re safe to invest in this course.

It Really Is Decision Time

I’m wondering if you really want to put an end to struggling on the sidelines and claim your place the go-to person in your industry. If you are just click on the button below and get instant access to Colette’s Personal Branding System and become known as the high-calibre, well paid consummate professional you know you truly are.

Some number-crunching.

  •  How much is an hour of your time worth? How many hours have you spent searching the internet for answers? Multiply the two together and you can see the true cost of struggling on your own
  • You probably only need to make 1 more sale to cover the investment you need to make today
  • How much money have you wasted on “get rich quick” systems that have failed to deliver

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Remember! If you’re having trouble getting new business, repeat business, better paid gigs, higher-profile projects, leadership roles or more interesting consulting opportunities or board opportunities, then you definitely need to invest some time in crafting or refining your personal brand.

PS  Why wait until tomorrow, to do what you can do today? Take advantage of this straightforward, no nonsense step by step process and quickly and easily transform your professional life and reach your true business potential. There’s never been a better time to choose your own future! Sign up now and get instant access to my proven system. And remember, with the 100% Money Back Guarantee. the risk’s all on me  – not you. All you need to do is decide you deserve  a bright, more profitable professional future! Take action and create the professional future you deserve.

MARCH MADNESS OFFER! Grab all 10 modules now for Just $97